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Residential Locksmith

The locksmiths at A AAA Locksmiths understand that a secure entry door is a first line of defense for a home. Sometimes, however, what’s meant to protect ends up keeping the wrong person out. If the key has staged a coup and you’re on the outside looking in, call (260) 486-8605. Our professional, reliable locksmiths will restore order and put you back in your proper place — inside.

Fort Wayne Locksmith and Lock Change Services

You may not be the only one with a key to your home. That’s unnerving, isn’t it? The home’s previous owners may have given a spare key to local relatives or to the neighbors in case of emergency. That’s why it’s smart to have a locksmith rekey the locks after buying a house. Rekeying alters the inside of the lock so it responds to a new key. It’s much cheaper than buying new locks and replacing the hardware. Contact us today to speak with a professional locksmith; peace of mind is just one rekey away.

Many people also rekey for convenience’s sake. If each door to the house requires a different key, we can reset the locks so they all open with one master key. This is the simple solution for a heavy, bulky keychain.